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Primary Six Examination Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download

Primary Six Exam Past Questions and Answer – Free Download in PDF

Download original Primary six Exam Past Questions and Answers . This is where you will get complete and up-to-date  Past Question and Answer in all subject. You can use is to prepare for your First School Leaving Certificate Examination (FSLCE) which is written by Pupils in the Primary School.
We have compiled all the Primary six Examination Past Questions and Answers in all subject from 2009 till date and it’s available for download.

How Much is the Primary Six Exam Past Question and Answer

Amount: N4,000  for the complete package (all subject) and N1500 for a single subject (from 2009 till date.) with Answers

Is the Exam Difficult?
The Primary six exam is difficult to many candidates who do not have past questions. However, candidates who purchased the up to date past questions see the exam as very cheap because they practice all the questions before the exam. Some of them who bought the past questions from us last year made merit in the FSLCE and they have scholarships to study in Federal and Unity Colleges.

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Only N4000 for the full package (all subjects – fully complied with answers) or N1500 for just one subject.
How to Buy
Pay the sum of N4000 0r N1500 into any of the account i will send to you on request
Payment can be made  through direct bank deposit or electronic transfer.
After payment, send your best email to mobile/whatsapp 08051311885. I will forward the past questions to your email address.
You can then download the past questions and print.


A Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that best answers each of the following questions and write out in your answer sheets the correct “letter” only.

1.Which of the following is not an element of culture?
A. Beauty B. Colour C. Food D. Language E. Music

2. The earth is_in shape.
A. circle B. oblique C. oblong D. round E. spherical

3. _is an example of a hard drug
A. Cocaine B. Cough syrub C. Folic acid D. Panadol E. Vitamin B complex

4. Which of these is an example of inclined plane?
A. Bottle opener B. Hammer C. Staircase D. Sugar tongs E. wheelbarrow

5. Ruminants and non-ruminants animals are based on mode of
A. feeding B. feeling C. breathing D. reproduction E. crying

6. One of the following does not supply heat.
A. Electric bulbs, fire B. Earth, water C. Sun, candle D. Wood, fire E-Lantern, chemical-…..-

7._is an example of pests.’
A. Bats B. Cows C. Dogs D. Goats E. Sheep

8. Trade between two countries is known as_
A. African trade B. Local trade C. Trade by barter D. National trade E. International trade

9. Traditional means of transportation is by_
A. aeroplane and jet B. cars and lorries C. helicopter D. railway and ship E. Trekking and use of animals

10. The male part of a flower is called_
A. ovary B. pistil C. stamen D. Stigm E. style

11. There are_classes of food.
A. 8 B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 E. 6

12. One of the importance of weed is to_
A. Check erosion B. help the weed to grow C. make pothole on our environment D. Make water to circulate our land E. none of the above

13. What is this instrument used for?
A.  Measuring the climate B. Measuring the amount of rainfall C. Measuring the relief of an area D. Measuring the temperature E. Measuring the wind

14. The food given to plants by Inan to make them grow quickly and healthy is called_
A. nutrient B. lime C. mulch D. fertilizer E. supplement

15. Working together to achieve common goals is known as_
A. conqurers B. cooperation C. Pressure group D. organization E. services

16.Communication aided by electrical or electronic transmission is known as__
A. ball transmission B. mass communication C. telecommunication D. Water transmission E. Water transportation

17. Animals that lived in water are referred to as_ animals
A. aquatic B. amphibians C. carnivorous D. omnivous E. terrestrial

18. Using resources more than necessary is known as_
A. cooperation B. protection C. over utilization D.under utilization E. utilization

19. Culture is said to belong to a group of people and it passes from one_to another.
A. gathering B. generation C. group D. meeting E. society – – one

20. According to Islamic religion a man could marry up to_wives
A. two B. three C. Four D. five E.

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