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NCEE Second Interview Test Past Question and Answer Free Sample Download pdf

National Common Entrance Examination Second Interview Tests for Admission to Year One at Federal Government Colleges (Unity School)

NCEE Second Interview takes two stages.

Stage One: Written tests
You are often tested in three subjects – English, Arithmetic and General Knowledge/Paper. The examination lasts for a few days.
Stage Two: Personal interview
You meet the examiner face to face and answer some oral questions. You may be required to read a given passage and then answer some oral questions on what you have read.
Here, the examiner watches to find out how you read, understand and speak English.
Finally, you are asked to show your credentials e.g. the originals and photocopies of the result slip, birth certificate, testimonial, school report card etc. A list of such requirements is sent to you many days before the interview. Make sure that you take all of them to the interview.
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NCEE Second Interview Test Date

National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) Interview Test Date is 18th June, 2016

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