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IMSU Post Utme Past Questions and Answers Free Download PDF

The imsu post utme screening exam is difficult to many candidates who do not have imsu post utme past questions and answers. However, candidates who purchased the up to date post utme past questions see the exam as very cheap because they practice all the questions before the exam. Some of them who bought the imsu post utme past question and answer from us last year made came out in first and second batch


How to Download IMSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers in PDF

The cost of the newly updated IMSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is 1000.00 naira only for any faculty.
or instance you are writing for IMSU Post UTME for Mass Communication, you will be required to purchase imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of Social Science

imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of law
imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of Social Science
imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of Science
imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of Engineering
imsu post utme past question and answer for faculty of Medicine

Please you can call/chat with him on 08051311885 to verify before and after payment to avoid confusion.

Payment Procedure for the Soft-Copy
After payment of the said amount N1000 for the Soft-Copy into the bank account sent to you on request.
send an sms in this format stated below to mobile/whatsapp: 08051311885.
Depositor Name (your full name)
Teller no:
Email address
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Course of study

ATM, Mobile and Online Money transfer also accepted.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing IMSU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers. This will go a long way to improving your exam preparatory skill. You will understand the pattern of the aptitude test exams and how it is conducted in IMSU. Most of these questions in the past questions sometimes do repeat itself in subsequent years.  In IMSU, admission is strictly based on merit and your are expected to score your post UTME as high as possible as the admission placement is very competitive.



Question Paper for: Faculty of Engineering
Instruction: Shade the supplied OMR sheet with the correct answer in all required fields. Any Candidate with double OMR will be disqualified
Day 1: Afternoon Session 12-3 pm Time Allowed: 45 Minutes


1. Dimension of absolute viscosity is?
A. ML-1T-1 B.MLT-1 C. ML-1T D. MLT

2. Turbulent flow generally occurs for cases involving
A. highly viscous fluid B very narrow passages C. very slow motion
D. none of these

3. Forces acting on a particle setting in fluid are Forces?
A. gravitational and buoyant B. centrifugal and buoyant
C. gravitational or centrifugal buoyant drag D. external, drag and viscous

4. Which of the following equations applies at terminal velocity?
A. Mg -V-U= 1 B. Mg-V- U = O C. V+ mg-U = Ma D. U Ma+Mg=0

5. Which of the following is not a high viscous fluid?
A. kerosene B. glue C grease D. glycerine

6. Mercury is an ideal barometric fluid mainly due to it’s?
A. High density B. low compressibility
C. low capillary action D. very low vapor pressure

7. Dimension of surface tension is?
A FL-1 B. F-1L C. F.L-2 D. F-2L

8. Which of the following has the smallest least effect on the solubility of a solute into the solvent?
A nature of the solute B. nature of the solvent
C. temperature D. pressure

9. Vapor pressure of water at 100C is about….. bar?
A. 0.1013 B. 1.013 C.10.13 D. 1013

10. Which of the following is insensitive to changes in pressure?
A. heat of vaporization B. melting point C. heat of fusion D. both B and C

11. If w is the mode and z is the median of the following set of numbers 2,4,2,1,1,6,2,6,3,7,2,1 and 2 ,8. Then (3w, 2z) is A. (2,6,2,5) B. (2,1,2,5), C. (2,8,50) D. (6,2,5,0)

12. A trapezium has two parallel sides of length 6cm and 8cm. if the area is 42 cm find the distance between the –parallel sides
A. 6cm B.7cm C.8cm D.5cm

13. An arc of a circle of length 22 cm subtends an angle of 37 at the centre of the circle.
Find the value of y , if the radius of the circles 7cm
A. 30° B.60° C. 120° D. 150°

14. Find the locus of a point which moves such that its distance from the line y = 3 is a constant k.
A. y=3 +k B. y = 3-k C.y=3 + k D. y = k-3

15. From the following list of types of mutation, identify the one that is hereditary
A. genetic mutation B. somatic mutation
C. germinal mutation D. gametic mutation

16. Which of these would not be a limiting factor in photosynthesis?
A. O2 B. CO2 C. Chlorophyll D. light

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